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Brixx Bloody Mary

25 Nov

Britts Bloody Mary

As you may know from my previous posts, I am a sucker for a good bloody mary. After my recent trip to Ruby Tuesday I decided to stop into Brixx and check out their Bloody Mary Sunday special that I found on Sloshr.com I am a pretty big fan of Brixx because of their superior rotating beer selection for the Mayfaire area and their surprisingly delicious pizza.

The first thing I did upon arriving was ask what bloody mary mix they use. While it wasn’t Whiskey Willys, it wasn’t the crap you normally find at the grocery store. I ordered what I thought was one drink but still received two. You can’t question miracles, just accept them gratefully. The mix was fucking fantastic. Not as good as my holy grail but probably next on the list. It goes by the name A Taste of Florida, and though I haven’t seen it before I suggest giving it a try if you ever find it.

I chose the spicy version and it was tomatolicious without being too thick and had a nice balance of subtle back heat. The drink was garnished with a lime and an olive which I found completely unnecesary but I guess not everyone has celery or shrimp to spare.

Pretty great pick for a bloody mary if you are ever in the area on a Sunday and combined with the decent food it’s all a GO!

Papa Johns Double Cheeseburger Pizza

17 May


I have to admit, the thought of pickles on pizza intrigued me. Without the pickles I never would’ve been as obsessed with trying this pizza. But it did have pickles so here we are. I even paid almost full price (only 20% off) which annoyed me because Papa Johns is always 50% off. The things I do for pickles.

The “burger” sauce was a lot less overwhelming than I expected it to be. It was well portioned and really worked with the sweet crust Papa Johns uses. The tomatoes were decent and the beef was good… when you could find it. For a pizza called Double Cheeseburger, I would expect to see a lot more meat. They should have called it the double pickle pizza, because holy fuck were there a lot of those. I didn’t take issue with the amount, so much as the overwhelmingness of them. The pickles were thin and floppy. When I tried to bite through one, I more often than not ended up dragging half of the cheese and accompanying toppings with it. They worked, but damn there should have been a better way to put them on there.

All in all, it was worth trying once, and I could see myself ordering it again.

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Dominos Pan Pizza

25 Jan

So my original thought for this post was to do a head to head comparison of Papa John’s and Domino’s garlic sauces. I figured I could also review Domino’s new kick ass pan pizza in the process, and throw in a good word for their artisan pizza too. That was until they fucked up my order for garlic sauce for a second time in a row. I ordered from them a couple weeks ago and paid for garlic sauce, picked that shit up and was shocked to discover a lack of butter flavored oil. I wouldn’t care all that much if they didn’t charge you the price of a PBR for it. Since they do, I called up to complain and was assured by the phone girl (who was a guy) that they would put a note on my account for a free garlic sauce. No biggie right? Until this time I place my order online, and call the store to explain what happened and I’d like to redeem my free sauce.

It gets delivered, I pay a $3 tip for a 1.5 mile drive (I was already a half bottle deep and shit’s cheaper than a DUI) and discover a lack of garlic oil yet again. WHAT THE FUCK? I am in love with your pan pizza and I wanted to write you a glowing review. And you have to fuck it up. I wanted your awful fucking sham of a sauce badly enough to pay real money for it and it’s too fucking difficult for you to bring it to me? I mean every movie theater in the fucking country literally has the same shitty butter flavored oil on draft minus the garlic flavor and you have the balls to charge me 50 cents like it’s fucking liquid gold. Bull fucking shit. Why even have the option on your site to order it? Or is it a stupidity tax paid only by those stupid enough to think that shit’s worth paying for? If it wasn’t for your new pan pizza I would perma-life ban your sorry asses from my stomach but as it happens I can’t get enough of that shit so I’ll probably just complain to corporate and hope for a free 2-liter or something. I fucking hate the structure of this. You do nothing, leaving me with the option of continuing the circle jerk or emailing corporate. In which case any coupon I receive as compensation might as well read “Take your time delivering this dough disc of spit.” I’m fucked either way, so I’ll probably just resort to ordering under my roommate’s name and number from now on. Anyways, on to the fucking fat fest. [editor’s note: I’m leaving this wall of text because holy shit]

This is their Spinach and Feta Artisan Pizza. It’s been pretty tasty the couple times that my roommate has ordered it, and I think it’s even relatively healthy. It’s pretty salty but what else do you expect from a feta pizza? Cheese is good, spinach is spinach, crust is their crust, etc. I feel it would benefit form some fresh tomato, garlic, or bacon but I’m not a fucking pizza expert so WTF do I know? It’s better than other delivery pizza and better than most frozen pizza, so there’s that.

This shit is beyond glorious. Remember how good Pizza Hut used to be before they switched over to whatever bullshit crust they use now? This is it’s sluttier cousin. The crust is greasy and airy and has that awesome bit of slightly burnt crispiness on it’s edge. I used to like delivery pizza every so often, now after trying this pizza I find myself craving a diabetes lottery ticket in a box every week. It’s disgusting how much of this pizza I could easily eat in one sitting. Seriously the next time you feel like having a fat day party, this should be the fat day cake.

Also, Papa John’s pizza is gross, their chicken nuggets are worse than awful, and their garlic sauce is still better than Dominos because at least it has the decency to have a creaminess that tricks you into believing there could be real butter in it. But their pizza sucks so fucking hard that they are forced to do 50% off specials at least 5 times a week.

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22 May

Rating: 1 Swimming Pool

I love where Siena is situated. I would have never thought to come here, but my roommate suggested it one night and I was powerless to resist the call of pizza. The really nice part is that it’s only 5 minutes away from the heart of wilmington, and that difference feels like light years. I grew up less than a mile from Siena and anytime I come to the area it just feels like home (shocker!). Granted, when I lived near here there was a stab and grab looking gas station that sold boiled peanuts and possibly illegal guns, but all that is in the past. I rolled into the place, sat at the bar, and ordered up some tasty beers and grub.a

I didn’t see much of the place aside from the bar, but it seemed like a classy joint. Not too classy mind you, but the type of place where upper-middle class couples go to have a few too many glasses of wine and flirt with each other (and the much younger bartenders). I love older people when they get drunk btw. There is nothing funnier than a group of ladies grabbing the asses of and sexually harrassing 20-year-olds young enough to be their sons. All off of their 3 glasses of chardonnay. This brilliantly drunk 40-something sitting next to us at the bar remarked that our pizza made her want to “jump in and swim in it.”  We weren’t talking to her or anything, she just felt compelled to share her wine soaked wisdom with the world. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

Glory be to this pizza. It was soft and crispy in the crust, greasy but not crazy with the cheese, and the sauce was pure magic. With some tomatoes. It was delicious. This pizza makes you realize how sub-par most of the pizza we eat is. This is the kind of pizza that makes you hate dominos for a couple of days, until the memory fades and your fatkid sensibilities take over. I could have eaten this whole pizza by myself, but I left room for beer and let the roommate have some. Grudgingly.

I want to go back and eat this again and again. This was one of the best pizza’s I’ve had in town and at $9 for a large cheese pie on Tuesday’s it’s a steal. And I’d also like to give a big fuck you to pete of ilmza as I move in on his turf. Suck it biiiiitch! I don’t know if I’d try anything else on the menu, but this year when I’m sitting on Santa’s lap, a pizza-filled pool, sponsored by Siena, will be me my request. Random wino lady can come too.
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