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Cherry Whipped Pinnacle / Cherry-Popped Shirley Temple

15 Jan

This was given to me as an apartment-warming gift by a god of a man. I hadn’t tried it before but I love the original Whipped Pinnacle so I was stoked to give it a whirl. Yes that’s a fucking time machine in the background. Honey I Shrunk the Flux Capacitor.

The vodka vapors are stronger in this than in Whipped, but I have to say that I was pleased by the muted cherry flavors and sweet vanilla finish. Be warned this does have a kick even when chilled. I’m a bigger fan of the plain Whipped; the cherry flavoring seems almost superfluous. But if you find yourself with a bottle on hand or a pussy of an alchy, I recommend my patent pending Cherry-Popped Shirley Temple.

Mix ginger ale with a splash of maraschino cherry juice, add the desired amount of drunk juice, and garnish with cherries.  This has the added bonus of looking like Cherry 7Up if you’re at work or some other god forsaken place where alcohol is unjustly frowned upon.