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Brixx Bloody Mary

25 Nov

Britts Bloody Mary

As you may know from my previous posts, I am a sucker for a good bloody mary. After my recent trip to Ruby Tuesday I decided to stop into Brixx and check out their Bloody Mary Sunday special that I found on Sloshr.com I am a pretty big fan of Brixx because of their superior rotating beer selection for the Mayfaire area and their surprisingly delicious pizza.

The first thing I did upon arriving was ask what bloody mary mix they use. While it wasn’t Whiskey Willys, it wasn’t the crap you normally find at the grocery store. I ordered what I thought was one drink but still received two. You can’t question miracles, just accept them gratefully. The mix was fucking fantastic. Not as good as my holy grail but probably next on the list. It goes by the name A Taste of Florida, and though I haven’t seen it before I suggest giving it a try if you ever find it.

I chose the spicy version and it was tomatolicious without being too thick and had a nice balance of subtle back heat. The drink was garnished with a lime and an olive which I found completely unnecesary but I guess not everyone has celery or shrimp to spare.

Pretty great pick for a bloody mary if you are ever in the area on a Sunday and combined with the decent food it’s all a GO!

Papa Johns Double Cheeseburger Pizza

17 May


I have to admit, the thought of pickles on pizza intrigued me. Without the pickles I never would’ve been as obsessed with trying this pizza. But it did have pickles so here we are. I even paid almost full price (only 20% off) which annoyed me because Papa Johns is always 50% off. The things I do for pickles.

The “burger” sauce was a lot less overwhelming than I expected it to be. It was well portioned and really worked with the sweet crust Papa Johns uses. The tomatoes were decent and the beef was good… when you could find it. For a pizza called Double Cheeseburger, I would expect to see a lot more meat. They should have called it the double pickle pizza, because holy fuck were there a lot of those. I didn’t take issue with the amount, so much as the overwhelmingness of them. The pickles were thin and floppy. When I tried to bite through one, I more often than not ended up dragging half of the cheese and accompanying toppings with it. They worked, but damn there should have been a better way to put them on there.

All in all, it was worth trying once, and I could see myself ordering it again.

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Subway Sriracha Steak Melt

4 Nov

I have a somewhat burning hatred of Subway. Their subs are just a couple of slices of overly thick, non-premium cold cuts that come with an entire salad on top to hide this fact and put on (admittedly) delicious-smelling flavored breads. I much prefer see-through thin slices of Boars Head piled high, and so I tend to avoid Subway at any and all costs. That is, until they went and added goddamn sriracha* to their sauce line up. I have stated repeatedly that if you have a sriracha-based menu item I will at least give it the benefit of a doubt. Even if you are Subway.

I am also cheap as hell, so I went to Subway in the morning to get their steak, egg, and cheese breakfast melt made in the same fashion as their featured Sriracha Steak Melt.

They were sadly out of the new garlic bread option they offer, but Italian herb and cheese wasn’t a bad second choice. The singular employee behind the salad bar (Subway counter) was dealing with a morning rush he was clearly not expecting, but handled everyone as efficiently and quickly as could be hoped for. As I was placing my order for the sriracha-style steak melt, he warned me that the sriracha sauce was quite hot. This was a very promising sign. I attempted to stay true to the actual menu item and had the steak, egg, and cheese with pepper jack, jalapenos, red onion, and of course sriracha.

Subway Sriracha Steak Melt

I have to say, Subway has done a damned fine job of imitating sriracha. The bottle is labeled as “Creamy Sriracha” and it does have a milky orange color that implies a creamy element. There is a fair amount of heat, though I would put it a bit short of the real ‘rach heat. With the addition of pepper jack cheese and jalapenos the sandwich as a whole has enough flavor and heat to overcome the shortcomings of an otherwise typical Subway offering.

I’m glad some shitty fast food place has proven what I’ve said all along: “Sriracha makes everything better.” Kind of like a two drink minimum at a comedy club, every place should offer this shit because who the fuck wouldn’t love anything more with the heavenly garlic-y chili goodness that is sriracha on it? Subway has officially made me a customer as long as they keep this sauce on the menu. My only complaint was their lack of mythical garlic bread, which I can’t really fault them for not having less than a half-hour after opening. I will be back, rating this a GO for you guys.

*This blog assumes the reader knows I am referring to the Huy Fong Sriracha sauce and not the type of sauce in general. There can be only one true god.

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Kyoto Asian Grille

1 Oct

Rating: GO

outside kyoto

I’m pretty sure we arrived before the staff themselves. We walked in to Kyoto and not shockingly to me, no one else seemed to be there. We were told to seat ourselves and promptly did at the nearest booth. As we looked over the menu it struck us that the $4 lunch bowl we had come to sample weren’t mentioned anywhere. After asking our server were were shown the items that feel into that category of special. I got the Thom Yum soup to start with and the honey chicken after my companion ordered the sesame chicken before I could.

Thom YumThe Thom Yum soup was the shit! I was told by the server to be careful of the peppers which of course meant that I had to eat them. They were spicy and flavorful and the soup was fantastically acidic thanks to the lime. I finished the whole bowl and for $3.95 the portion size wasn’t bad.

Chicken shitThe two chicken dishes were also delicious and the chicken itself was perfectly cooked. Not just crispy on the outside but also moist on the inside. The sesame chicken had a hint of smokiness that really took it to another level and my honey chicken which may have been overly sweet on it’s own was the perfect accompaniment to my soup. A squirt of sriracha would have been amazing but that’s probably like asking for ketchup at a steak house in Thai places.

The price on these bowls are a steal and there was at least a second meal from the leftovers. I am obsessed with the soup and can’t wait to go back. Rating this place a cheap GO!

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Shuckin Shack Bloody Mary

20 Sep


You may be thinking to yourself, “Why is there a shrimp on that cocktail?” Because that’s how all god damn bloody marys should come! That’s why! I missed the bloody Mary competition that downtown held a while back, but ended up at the winning establishment after brunch at 9 bakery. If you go on a Sunday, you will see a sign that says their bloody Mary’s are $5. Apparently those are for cheap suckers! I think, and I could very well be mistaken, that those are the same bloody Mary without all the fixings. I probably should’ve investigated further. I ordered their premium, award winning, illustrious, world famous Shack Attack bloody Mary for $6.25 because I’m classy and knowledgeable like that. I think. Or I paid an extra $1.25 for one shrimp and pepper flavored vodka instead of well.

The drink itself was a good bloody Mary. The Old Bay rim on the glass was a nice touch, the olives and citrus wedges not being needed in my opinion. I asked about the mix used and wouldn’t you fucking know, it was good ole Whiskey Willy! I can sniff this stuff out anywhere. I hate olives and limes as toppings but it didn’t kill me so I guess that was ok. I could’ve used a dash more of horseradish but I am a horsie whore. All in all a good bloody mary with shrimp at a reasonable price. I will be back to check out their food offerings at some point.

9 Bakery and Lounge

4 Sep

Rating: -1 Waitstaff

I was recently invited to brunch with my boyfriend’s family and the location they decided upon was the dead shell of what was once my favorite classy joint in town (Crow Hill) currently known as 9 Bakery and Lounge. I looked up the menu as I always do and as much as I wanted to hate this place on principal, there were quite a few options that piqued my interest. Among them were the Pulled Pork Benedict, Shrimp and Grits with Texas Pete Cream, and ┬áBreakfast Time Burger with sriracha mayo. Any one of these would have been enough to get me in the door, but in the end the sriracha offering won me over. Isn’t that always the case? Fact: if you ever want me to review your place, put sriracha on the menu. I will come.

I was surprised after walking in at how recognizable the space still was. There was definitely some painting and redecorating but it still had a similar classy-Southern laid back feel. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mentally noting some of the color and design choices for personal use. We were seated on the upper level, an honor I never had when the space was Crow Hill. The table was more than large enough for our party of 10+ and could have fit more. There was a mix of chairs and couch seating around a large table that was lounge-like without being difficult to eat at. It reminded me of being at a house, hanging around the living room. It was a great atmosphere for a Sunday brunch.

While ordering I noticed the waiter forgot to ask me which side I wanted with the burger. No biggie, it’s a big table, I’m sure he just forgot. But after we left I found out I don’t think he asked anyone in our group which side they wanted. We received a free plate of what I surmised were Aztec Muffins (chocolate and cayenne pepper) for the table. After a super fucking weird plate dance our waiter did to put our appetizer plates down, we all dug in. The muffins were delicious. They were soft without being completely crumbly, and the cayenne pepper wasn’t super present but added to the other spices to make a great fall flavored muffin. The velvety treat was a great way to keep us happily waiting for our food. I’m not sure if everyone gets them, or if it was just for our large group since our table would take a bit longer to cook for. Our waiter was the silent type, I guess.

Aztec Muffin

After a very reasonable wait, our food finally arrived. My exact words upon seeing the first plate were “Oh shit.” A man who I presumed to be a manager or owner grinned, and said “You mean Oh SHIT!” One of our other party members had ordered the Pulled Pork Benedict. That bitch was a monster. I was scared for how large my burger would be if their brunch portion of benedict was worthy of a buffet plate. My sincerest apologies for not taking a picture, but sometimes you don’t want to be that person at a family gathering. My burger with potato salad on the side, on the other hand was very reasonable.

I’ll start with the potato salad. Now, any potato salad I’ve ever eaten has had some sort of mayo as a binder. I would have accepted this as herbed potatoes, or chilled home fries, or any number of the silly names we give cubed potatoes. I would not call this potato salad. That being said, it was ok. I didn’t finish it. The burger on the other hand, was brought down from the gods. The bun was toasted with out being overly crusty. It was soft while still being substantial. The burger patty itself was cooked to a perfect small pink center and the bacon, goat cheese, sriracha mayo, and fried motherfucking egg were godly inspiration. The only thing I could have (and should have) asked for would have been more sriracha mayo. Or just sriracha. I finished every drop of golden yolk that dripped off that patty of dead cow and was full without being sick or overly stuffed.

Breakfast Time Burger

I should mention at this point that I also ordered a biscuit on the side that I never received. Two in our party ordered doughnuts instead of full meals and were left sitting for at least 10 extra minutes waiting for them. After they did receive them, they received the wrong amount. Yes, this place serves homemade doughnuts. And I’m not talking about your basic Boston cream. They had available on our visit bacon maple, blueberry cheesecake, and many other out-of-the-norm flavors.

This place was pretty great. The atmosphere was spot on, the burger was great, and there were a number of menu items that I will be going back to try. The downside was our waiter, who seemed aloof, unaware of basic menu options, and did not seem keen on offering any information that might enrich our experience. I have no issue with waiters and waitresses who aren’t extras from a sunday morning kids show or who are no nonsense, but knowing the menu and conveying information as to what things are, and why delays are occurring are a common courtesy. It almost felt like we were bothering him by being there. So I will return to taste again, but hopefully to better service.

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