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Fast Food February – Burger King Satisfries

18 Feb

Burger King’s value menu used to hold one of my all time favorite fast food burgers – the Whopper Junior. The Whopper Junior still exists, but at a higher price than the $1 it used to cost. I used to get that shit so much the cooks knew me by sight and offered to make me one before the lunch switchover on my birthday one year. Add in a value Icee and for $2 and you’re on your way to a lifetime of having an x in front of your size. I’ve basically stopped going to my local BK now aside from reviews for this blog, but they are also the closest fast food joint to me so they get the honor of being the first of a couple Fast Food February posts.

Note: I ate half of these on the ride home

Note: I ate half of these on the ride home

Ever since the Satisfries came out I have been meaning to try them. They promise 40% less fat and 30% less calories. The value size that I purchased has 190 calories per 89g. Compare this to the value menu versions of McDonald’s (230cal/71g), Wendy’s (220cal/77g), and Sonic (280cal/88g). I suspected the larger fries simply meant you got less fries overall but as you can see it’s a very generous portion size for a value fry and it’s calorie count is well below others with smaller portion sizes. But how do these things taste? I have to say, not awful. The outside was a little less than a freshly fried normal fry but not soggy or off putting either. The inside was soft and fluffy and everything you hope for in a fry. I tasted a weird metallic taste that I generally associate with old oil so I will hope that is a fault of my location and not the fry itself. Once dipped in ketchup it wasn’t noticeable.  These weren’t the best fries I’ve ever tried but they also weren’t even close to the worst. I would get these over other fries, or at the very least eat 30% more without guilt. Kudos on the Satisfries BK.

Fast Food February – Burger King Rodeo Sandwiches

10 Feb

Every time I see these advertised on a Burger King commercial I think, goddamn those might be good! But say you’re down to your last hobo dollar after buying your hobo beer and REALLY need to know which one is better? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. That’s right, I tried both the chicken and the burger rodeo. Because I love you guys and shit.

Rodeo Chicken IMAG1127

The rodeo sandwiches are basically a basic burger and chicken sandwich plus onions rings and barbecue sauce. The burger is the weird fake smoke flavored patty you expect from Burger King, and the chicken was like a big and crispy over-sized chicken nugget. Weird enough, the smokey barbecue sauce almost clashed with the burger and the onion ring wasn’t helping. On the chicken sandwich the sauce lent a much needed smokiness and the onion rings worked better as well. The clear hands down winner was the Rodeo Chicken Sandwich. Save the Burger King burgers for when mayo is involved.

Burger King Bacon Egg and Gouda Biscuit

3 Apr

Rating: 18 Sheboygans

I have to start this out by commenting on the fact that the girl taking my order asked me what gouda was. I hope it was her first day, as there were other problems with my order that seemed beyond her order taking skills, but she honest to god asked me what gouda was. I told her it was a type of cheese with the straightest face possible, and she ran off to get her manager. It was more comical than anything else, but I do love how I have the most ridiculous experiences when I’m set on doing a review. Anywho.

Bacon Egg and Gouda Biscuit

So this gouda biscuit was pretty tasty. It had an absurd amount of egg on it, but that could be owed to the fact I showed up shortly before the breakfast switched to lunch. The eggs were moist almost to a fault but had appropriate levels of salt and were quite tasty. The bacon was standard fast food bacon though perhaps a bit thicker which was nice. The gouda was very mild in flavor and I probably couldn’t have distinguished it from any other cheese without being told. I wouldn’t count that as a strike against it, more of a plus actually. It didn’t have quite the fake “cheese” flavor their regular american does. The biscuit itself was crumbly to a fault and was difficult to eat due to what I at first thought was the moisture from the eggs. Upon closer examination I noticed little bits of a fresh bright green substance you rarely see in a place like Burger King. It appears they put some type of herb butter on the bottom of the biscuit and bravo, it was delicious. I would prefer it on the top since the moisture from the eggs already lends itself to a crumbling bottom bun (can I use that term for a biscuit?) but it was a very welcome addition.

BK Herb Butter

Would I pick this over their regular Bacon Egg and Cheese? Absolutely. Was the gouda the make or break element? Not really. It didn’t taste very gouda-y at all. I think it is an improvement over their regular cheese though, and the herb butter sent it into a very good new direction. Now if they could come out with a liquor spiked ice coffee I’d eat this shit every day!
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Burger King’s New Bacon Sundae

20 Jun

My little brother decided to treat me to lunch on Father’s Day, and apparently his idea of a treat is a triple whopper with bacon. No I am not my brother’s father, though I understand the confusion since this is the South. I wasn’t really in the mood for fast food garbage but I did check the menu for the Bacon Sundae I’ve heard tale of. I saw that they had it and immediatley it seemed today was my lucky day. When they finally handed it through the window I was in shock over how big it was. Seriously, that picture does it no justice. It seemed at least twice the size of the regular value sundae and it came with both fudge AND caramel (normally an extra charge to get both) and toppings were distributed heavily at the top and bottom, so at the price point of around $1.50 it was a bargain. I’m a huge sucker for salty/sweet flavor combos. Just a couple months back I made a delicious Candied-Bacon Whiskey-Marshmallow Caramel Bark that blew my friend’s minds. Point being, if there’s bacon, I will eat.

The down(ish) side was that the bacon chucks were huge and not crispy enough to really give a good texture contrast. Also, the experience of the bacon bites was the normal soft serve-and-topping flavor, with a vague chewiness and a salty bacon finish. It was delicious, but the bacon didn’t have nearly enough presence. Fat Kid Pro-Tip: Try a small fry with the icecream. The greasiness of the fry with the overly sweet icecream produces an almost doughnut-esque flavor profile that is weirdly satisfying.

Is this worth trying? HELL YES! If nothing else, it’s proportions make it a great deal. But don’t expect your mind to be blown. Sadly this sundae is no more and probably a little less than the sum of its parts. It does speak to that sugary overload you expect from fast food though, and the bacon was a good step in the right direction, BK. My advice? BK should make the bacon crispier and in smaller pieces, and serve a tiny portion of mini fries alongside. That might perfect this grand idea.

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