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Fast Food February – Burger King Rodeo Sandwiches

10 Feb

Every time I see these advertised on a Burger King commercial I think, goddamn those might be good! But say you’re down to your last hobo dollar after buying your hobo beer and REALLY need to know which one is better? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. That’s right, I tried both the chicken and the burger rodeo. Because I love you guys and shit.

Rodeo Chicken IMAG1127

The rodeo sandwiches are basically a basic burger and chicken sandwich plus onions rings and barbecue sauce. The burger is the weird fake smoke flavored patty you expect from Burger King, and the chicken was like a big and crispy over-sized chicken nugget. Weird enough, the smokey barbecue sauce almost clashed with the burger and the onion ring wasn’t helping. On the chicken sandwich the sauce lent a much needed smokiness and the onion rings worked better as well. The clear hands down winner was the Rodeo Chicken Sandwich. Save the Burger King burgers for when mayo is involved.

McDonald’s Bacon Habanero Quarter Pounder

4 Oct

MCD QPI have an obsession with spicy food that digestive tract does not share. When I hear there is a habanero flavored ranch I will come running. Though it took me a while I finally got around to trying one of McDonald’s new quarter pound options. To keep things short and sweet, the bun was crap. The toppings though great seemed to only highlight the mcdonald’s burger patty. It was as if they tried to make a real restaurant burger with mcds ingredients. The sauce was spicy and smokey and I would love it on a regular burger. I wouldn’t buy one again, but I would request that sauce on the side with a normal burger. I’m going with a NO on this one.

Frontier Food-To-Go

3 May

Rating: Cheap Food! Alright!

Not sure if I’ve ever known an eatery (which has on-premises seating) to have a more GTFO name than Frontier Food-To-Go. I was thinking about eating my lunch there, but God damn, how stupid would I look eating in front of that sign? Shoulda just named this place “Get Your Food And Get The Hell Out.” Yet, there is something endearing in that, too.

For years I used to live rather near Frontier, and never went there. I’ve also worked in the area even longer than that. I guess I didn’t patronize this strange little place because it’s a weird trailer sort of thing. I just didn’t know what it was all about, even though the signage makes it pretty damn clear. I don’t really know anything about Wilmington, or the south at all for that matter, but my complete lack of knowledge makes me think that this place is a bit of a throwback to a far-gone era. Or not so far gone if you drive 30 minutes in any direction of Wilmington.

It’s kind of the forerunner to the food truck bullshit craze Wilmington’s being rope-a-doped into right now (which I’m fully okay with despite my verbiage). It’s getting to the essence of what restaurants are supposed to be, unlike most more modern establishments. Restaurants are food storage and food heating capsules. Or at least they oughta be. Nowadays they’re more about ‘the space,’ and ‘the vibe,’ yet the food’s more often than not shifted onto the uncaring shoulders of underpaid nimrods.

Does that mean this place is the bees knees? I don’t think so, but the food’s alright and it has a certain folksy charm. It’s also pretty cheap. A few businesses down, you could get a McDouble for something like $1.25, or you could go here and a dude will grill you up a similarly sized cheeseburger that’s light years better for like two measly ducks (mine was more due to topping additions). You could save some money and eat whatever the fuck it is that McDonalds is pawning off on you, or you could go to this weird hobo shack and support a local business. And that’s only taking into consideration the value menu fast food shit. I think Big Macs are at least fourteen dollars nowadays.

Comparing this place to Winnie’s would also be a misstep. Even though they’re effectively both burger joints, Winnie’s is a serving up fairly legitimate restaurant (or beyond) quality burgers. Frontier kind of reminds me of the food pit at, like, a local swimming pool or something. It’s like Cook-Out, kind of, except without the milk shakes and 9000-item menu. It’s a cheap grease pit so just eat there, okay?

Off topic, somewhere in town needs to offer the bacon explosion and mash potato sandwich (this is not from Frontier, my idiot friend made it):

Frontier Food To Go on Urbanspoon

Winnie’s Tavern

18 Apr

Rating: Eat this shit

I used to drive by Winnie’s Tavern pretty much every fucking day, but I never went there. As much as I love dive bars, until somewhat recently (past couple years), this weird, lonely little place never got much positive feedback. Not from what I’d heard, anyway. Plus, the parking lot is always full of big trucks and it’s right down the road from a sketchy gay bar called Tool Box which is right next to the ports. I kind of got the impression they’d be serving floorburgers and when I went to pick one up I’d be proper bungholed.

Having heard that my paranoid homophobia might now be a faux-pas in these heady times, I decided to turn over a new leaf and go eat at Winnie’s. A lot of people have been saying very good things about their burgers. Plus, you know, the potential for anonymous gay trucker sex is always a draw.

I got a “Mini Winnie,” a 4oz cheeseburger with all the toppings an idiot like myself might come to expect plus some shitty frozen fries for $5.00. I liked that they offered the onions fried or raw. I like both but, hell, if I get to choose, I’ll choose either one of the other. That’s for god damn sure. This time I chose fried, because I’m an American.

Good deal for a decked-out quarter pound cheeseburger and fries. Especially since the burger was really good. I didn’t specify a temperature (allegedly you can), but mine was done to a perfect medium. Often I’ll order medium-rare, but medium is fine in my book, and ought to be the standard when not specified – unlike most places that cook their burgers medium-well and beeeeyoooond.

 My coworker got the regular Winnie Burger, which is a half-pound heart attack in the form of a processed dead cow. He got bacon and jalapenos on his too, because he is an asshole.

It should be noted that I don’t think the fries had the mountain of spices as shown; I think he added that. He ate that whole thing and loved it, remarking that it was better than the Red Robin burger he had the other night. A dive bar with a better burger than a national fast-casual burger chain? Maybe America is not beyond any semblance of hope. Never mind, it is anyway. For so many reasons.

Is this the best burger in town? Well, no. Crow Hill serves up a burger which is definitely superior. The Crow Hill burger is 10oz as opposed to 8oz, has better meat and infinitely superior fries. However, it costs ten dollars and up depending on configuration. Crow Hill is now closed. Thanks Wilmington. Winnie’s is in the 6-7 dollar territory. Is it the best Wilmington burger in that price range? Probably.

Warning: They inexplicably don’t take plastic.

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The Cheesy Banker Food Truck

14 Mar

Rating: 1 Run to the Shitter

I’m rating The Cheesy Banker a 1 Run to the Shitter because, first of all, these ratings are meaningless so who cares. Second of all, 10 minutes after eating the food I destroyed the company restroom in the most unholy of ways. Mind you, I’m not blaming them or their food. It probably has more to do with my diet, which has for some time been largely comprised of whiskey and pizza. Going from that to cheesed-up truck meat and Diet Coke has cleared me out. This was a good thing in any case because I’ve been constipated recently, for the first time in my life. Again, eating real food and eschewing alcohol are not things my innards are accustomed to.

If you are still reading after that barrage of too-much-information, I salute you. Not really – I think you’re a sicko. Be that as it may, I assume you came here for a review of this funny looking truck and the food it offers. They have a menu, but I think they always have off-menu stuff, too. I opted to go with the Cheeseburger Combo, which consists of a cheeseburger (no kidding), fries and a 12oz drink (they’re kept in the cooler shown above). The burger allegedly comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, sauteed onion and, most importantly, bacon. This combo costs $7.50 which is $1.50 more than the burger by itself. They have a picture of it on their facebook here. Mine is pictured below.

That’s half of the burger. I ate the other half. This half is sitting in my desk drawer mocking me. First thing is that mine’s more cooked than theirs.  I don’t really care, I didn’t specify a temperature (if he asked, I would have said medium but I like all temperatures). Also, I’m missing the lettuce. I personally like lettuce on my burger so this was a bit of a bummer. I’ll live, though. You might notice the bits of green in there. It was spinach (picture). One of their daily specials consisted of (among other things), “Spinach sautéed with garlic and onions.” I guess some got onto my burger. Personally I like spinach so it was cool but a lot of people hate spinach.

I liked this spinach burger. I liked the sauteed onions a lot. The tomato was good, the bacon was great. The burger had a nice char on it but it wasn’t very big and perhaps a bit overdone. The cheese was somewhere in there, I guess.

The fries were a bit of a bummer, to me. To some, these crinkle-cut frozen fries are the fucking bees knees. Personally, I don’t get the appeal. I think they’re the same ones in use by Poor Piggy’s, another local food truck (the first, to the best of my knowledge). I recommend Poor Piggy’s, by the way.

I’ll definitely go back to The Cheesy Banker if they are near my office again (note to food trucks: go near Shipyard/Carolina Beach Rd and I will give you moneys). But I don’t think I’ll get the burger or fries. If I want a burger and fries, I’ll go to PT’s Grille. Everything there rules, especially the fries. And they have cheap beer. And, even though I only go a handful of times a year, those wacky motherfuckers always recognize me. I guess they don’t often get people coming in there on their lunch break to chug 8 pints of Yuengling.

Another note to food trucks: put Sriracha on everything. Or offer/sell Sriracha in packet form. Pretty please.

Kickback Jacks

12 Mar

Rating: 1 Stone

Myself and Pete of ilmza hobo fame took a trip to try out the new eats at Kickback Jacks. I, for one, am a fan of Carolina Ale House for their food and affiliation with my favorite of all the sports, hockey. So I kinda wanted to hate the place.

this is not only allowed, but encouraged in hockey

We are seated next to a table with a child. Great. Luckily it was fairly early on a Sunday and neither of us were too bombed so we hoped her innocence would stay intact. After being seated, a round of ordering commenced and I opted for the $3 Bloody Mary (extra spicy please) and Pete got some Kickback Jack’s house beer. This gave us some time to look over the menu. I was underwhelmed by the whole thing, nothing seemed to jump out as me as unique or special. It was all your standard burgers, wings, appetizers, and such. Normally ordering is pretty easy but the lack of anything exciting or new bummed me out. I went with my personal standbys of soup (Baked Potato) and a burger. The burger ordered was a Tavern burger which is almost identical in ingredients to Carolina Ale House’s Pub burger. Ohhhhhh snap shit just got real son!

The Bloody Mary showed up with minimal wait. Or maybe I ordered a salad, who can remember with all the shit they packed into this drink. Limes, olives, and celery, oh my! For the record, you win my heart by giving me only celery, carrot, or shrimp with a Bloody Mary. All other garnishes can GTFO. The drink itself was thick but not overly so, with a hearty tomato flavor but seasoning enough to keep it from wandering into tomato soup territory. The yum on the rim is salt, pepper, and red pepper flake from what I could tell. A delicious way to start a meal; I’ve had much worse in the way of bloody marys, this was in the better half.

After the Bloody Mary came the soup. The waitress had informed me it came in a bowl, not a cup. At first I thought, “What the fuck do I care what it comes in,” until this huge bowl was brought out to me. My god, it was a monster. My first impression was that it was darker than any potato soup I’ve ever seen. The taste was absolutely amazing. There was more going on than just the normal cream and potato flavor. I would actually have been fine without the bacon and cheese on top; it was that good. Some of the best baked or loaded potato soup I’ve had. Ever. That bowl was huge and with the exception of the tastes I offered Pete, I ate the whole thing. Also well worth mentioning: it came with club crackers, not saltines. A huge bonus in my book. I’m almost glad I only got two packs because I very well could have gone through a box just dipping them into that glorious soup.

Next came the burger, and it was a whopper. I asked for the tavern sauce on the side just to get a better handle on the flavor and save the burger if I wasn’t a fan. The sauce was a lot different from Ale House’s sauce. This was much more horseradish IN YOUR FACE! Not as great for dipping fries in, but god it was delicious on that fucking burger. The burger itself was juicy and a perfect medium (as requested) with a moat of blood pooling in the plate before I had even taken the first bite. The fried onion strings were delicious as well. On the menu they make a huge deal of HANDCUTTING the fries. Unless that’s fucking Byron back there cutting them, I don’t care. Luckily, these were fucking awesome. They were crispy without being overdone, and perfectly seasoned. It is a testament to my soup and burger that any of them remained for Pete to scrom. Also worth noting: I finished that whole motherfucking burger too. Who needs their body to produce insulin? NOT ME!


Kickback Jack’s is a “sports restaurant” and I can respect that. The food was all delicious and above what I was expecting in a sports joint. It had a nice atmosphere, tons of decent flat screens, and booze. The food was also reasonably priced, with my burger running $6.49 and the soup only $3.49. I recommend checking this place out.  Would I come here for a night of hardcore drinking? No. But would I come here to watch a game on a weeknight and grab some dinner in the process? Absolutely. And that is where its strength lies. It’s enough of a restaurant to take the kids to, but not so much  that a raised voice over a bad call would be out of line. With that in mind, it shall receive a rating of 1 stone. That’s approximately how much I gained today, in British. Side note: the waitresses wear super short shorts … if you’re into that.

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