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Brixx Bloody Mary

25 Nov

Britts Bloody Mary

As you may know from my previous posts, I am a sucker for a good bloody mary. After my recent trip to Ruby Tuesday I decided to stop into Brixx and check out their Bloody Mary Sunday special that I found on Sloshr.com I am a pretty big fan of Brixx because of their superior rotating beer selection for the Mayfaire area and their surprisingly delicious pizza.

The first thing I did upon arriving was ask what bloody mary mix they use. While it wasn’t Whiskey Willys, it wasn’t the crap you normally find at the grocery store. I ordered what I thought was one drink but still received two. You can’t question miracles, just accept them gratefully. The mix was fucking fantastic. Not as good as my holy grail but probably next on the list. It goes by the name A Taste of Florida, and though I haven’t seen it before I suggest giving it a try if you ever find it.

I chose the spicy version and it was tomatolicious without being too thick and had a nice balance of subtle back heat. The drink was garnished with a lime and an olive which I found completely unnecesary but I guess not everyone has celery or shrimp to spare.

Pretty great pick for a bloody mary if you are ever in the area on a Sunday and combined with the decent food it’s all a GO!

Shuckin Shack Bloody Mary

20 Sep


You may be thinking to yourself, “Why is there a shrimp on that cocktail?” Because that’s how all god damn bloody marys should come! That’s why! I missed the bloody Mary competition that downtown held a while back, but ended up at the winning establishment after brunch at 9 bakery. If you go on a Sunday, you will see a sign that says their bloody Mary’s are $5. Apparently those are for cheap suckers! I think, and I could very well be mistaken, that those are the same bloody Mary without all the fixings. I probably should’ve investigated further. I ordered their premium, award winning, illustrious, world famous Shack Attack bloody Mary for $6.25 because I’m classy and knowledgeable like that. I think. Or I paid an extra $1.25 for one shrimp and pepper flavored vodka instead of well.

The drink itself was a good bloody Mary. The Old Bay rim on the glass was a nice touch, the olives and citrus wedges not being needed in my opinion. I asked about the mix used and wouldn’t you fucking know, it was good ole Whiskey Willy! I can sniff this stuff out anywhere. I hate olives and limes as toppings but it didn’t kill me so I guess that was ok. I could’ve used a dash more of horseradish but I am a horsie whore. All in all a good bloody mary with shrimp at a reasonable price. I will be back to check out their food offerings at some point.


27 Jan

Whiskey Willies

Seriously, this is the best bloody mary mix ever. Read the fucking post title. Every time I have an outstanding bloody mary at a bar, the inevitable answer is this mix. Most recently I found it at Might As Well, which is an excellent bar that I keep meaning to review but I get too shitfaced off their ridiculous specials every time I go to actually review. They let me buy a bottle of this magical mix for around $10, tip the bartender and waitress 200% and maybe they will let you, too. Not a bad deal considering online it’s normally $7 plus ridiculous shipping.

This mix is fucking delicious straight out of the bottle. I’ve never understood bloody mary mix that you actually have to add shit to. Isn’t the whole fucking point of a mixer is that you just put booze into it and you’re good to go? Instead of being straight tomato juice like most mixes, this one actually tastes like peppery horseradish right out of the bottle! The best thing about bloody marys is they are one of those few drinks that are considered “classy.” Drink a 40 on a Sunday morning to keep the hangover monkey off your back and people throw crack rocks at you, but drink a bloody mary and you’re a sassy city lady/gent with a wild side! Go buy this shit, and get me a beer.

Kickback Jacks

12 Mar

Rating: 1 Stone

Myself and Pete of ilmza hobo fame took a trip to try out the new eats at Kickback Jacks. I, for one, am a fan of Carolina Ale House for their food and affiliation with my favorite of all the sports, hockey. So I kinda wanted to hate the place.

this is not only allowed, but encouraged in hockey

We are seated next to a table with a child. Great. Luckily it was fairly early on a Sunday and neither of us were too bombed so we hoped her innocence would stay intact. After being seated, a round of ordering commenced and I opted for the $3 Bloody Mary (extra spicy please) and Pete got some Kickback Jack’s house beer. This gave us some time to look over the menu. I was underwhelmed by the whole thing, nothing seemed to jump out as me as unique or special. It was all your standard burgers, wings, appetizers, and such. Normally ordering is pretty easy but the lack of anything exciting or new bummed me out. I went with my personal standbys of soup (Baked Potato) and a burger. The burger ordered was a Tavern burger which is almost identical in ingredients to Carolina Ale House’s Pub burger. Ohhhhhh snap shit just got real son!

The Bloody Mary showed up with minimal wait. Or maybe I ordered a salad, who can remember with all the shit they packed into this drink. Limes, olives, and celery, oh my! For the record, you win my heart by giving me only celery, carrot, or shrimp with a Bloody Mary. All other garnishes can GTFO. The drink itself was thick but not overly so, with a hearty tomato flavor but seasoning enough to keep it from wandering into tomato soup territory. The yum on the rim is salt, pepper, and red pepper flake from what I could tell. A delicious way to start a meal; I’ve had much worse in the way of bloody marys, this was in the better half.

After the Bloody Mary came the soup. The waitress had informed me it came in a bowl, not a cup. At first I thought, “What the fuck do I care what it comes in,” until this huge bowl was brought out to me. My god, it was a monster. My first impression was that it was darker than any potato soup I’ve ever seen. The taste was absolutely amazing. There was more going on than just the normal cream and potato flavor. I would actually have been fine without the bacon and cheese on top; it was that good. Some of the best baked or loaded potato soup I’ve had. Ever. That bowl was huge and with the exception of the tastes I offered Pete, I ate the whole thing. Also well worth mentioning: it came with club crackers, not saltines. A huge bonus in my book. I’m almost glad I only got two packs because I very well could have gone through a box just dipping them into that glorious soup.

Next came the burger, and it was a whopper. I asked for the tavern sauce on the side just to get a better handle on the flavor and save the burger if I wasn’t a fan. The sauce was a lot different from Ale House’s sauce. This was much more horseradish IN YOUR FACE! Not as great for dipping fries in, but god it was delicious on that fucking burger. The burger itself was juicy and a perfect medium (as requested) with a moat of blood pooling in the plate before I had even taken the first bite. The fried onion strings were delicious as well. On the menu they make a huge deal of HANDCUTTING the fries. Unless that’s fucking Byron back there cutting them, I don’t care. Luckily, these were fucking awesome. They were crispy without being overdone, and perfectly seasoned. It is a testament to my soup and burger that any of them remained for Pete to scrom. Also worth noting: I finished that whole motherfucking burger too. Who needs their body to produce insulin? NOT ME!


Kickback Jack’s is a “sports restaurant” and I can respect that. The food was all delicious and above what I was expecting in a sports joint. It had a nice atmosphere, tons of decent flat screens, and booze. The food was also reasonably priced, with my burger running $6.49 and the soup only $3.49. I recommend checking this place out.  Would I come here for a night of hardcore drinking? No. But would I come here to watch a game on a weeknight and grab some dinner in the process? Absolutely. And that is where its strength lies. It’s enough of a restaurant to take the kids to, but not so much  that a raised voice over a bad call would be out of line. With that in mind, it shall receive a rating of 1 stone. That’s approximately how much I gained today, in British. Side note: the waitresses wear super short shorts … if you’re into that.

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