Burger King’s New Bacon Sundae

20 Jun

My little brother decided to treat me to lunch on Father’s Day, and apparently his idea of a treat is a triple whopper with bacon. No I am not my brother’s father, though I understand the confusion since this is the South. I wasn’t really in the mood for fast food garbage but I did check the menu for the Bacon Sundae I’ve heard tale of. I saw that they had it and immediatley it seemed today was my lucky day. When they finally handed it through the window I was in shock over how big it was. Seriously, that picture does it no justice. It seemed at least twice the size of the regular value sundae and it came with both fudge AND caramel (normally an extra charge to get both) and toppings were distributed heavily at the top and bottom, so at the price point of around $1.50 it was a bargain. I’m a huge sucker for salty/sweet flavor combos. Just a couple months back I made a delicious Candied-Bacon Whiskey-Marshmallow Caramel Bark that blew my friend’s minds. Point being, if there’s bacon, I will eat.

The down(ish) side was that the bacon chucks were huge and not crispy enough to really give a good texture contrast. Also, the experience of the bacon bites was the normal soft serve-and-topping flavor, with a vague chewiness and a salty bacon finish. It was delicious, but the bacon didn’t have nearly enough presence. Fat Kid Pro-Tip: Try a small fry with the icecream. The greasiness of the fry with the overly sweet icecream produces an almost doughnut-esque flavor profile that is weirdly satisfying.

Is this worth trying? HELL YES! If nothing else, it’s proportions make it a great deal. But don’t expect your mind to be blown. Sadly this sundae is no more and probably a little less than the sum of its parts. It does speak to that sugary overload you expect from fast food though, and the bacon was a good step in the right direction, BK. My advice? BK should make the bacon crispier and in smaller pieces, and serve a tiny portion of mini fries alongside. That might perfect this grand idea.

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