Gotta Get Down on Friday (Tokyo Deli)

25 May


Fuck me running. I love the shit out of Tokyo Deli. Living and working nearby this place for years has been awesome. That said, I (shamefully) don’t go here terribly often. I’m kind of a cheapskate, and while this place isn’t exactly super-expensive, more often than not I’d rather drink dollar beers somewhere if I’m being forced to consume calories.

I’ve had most of the dishes at the Deli (except for the sushi because I’m picky about seafood) and this is one of my go-to orders: Zaru soba (~$5.25), seaweed salad (~$1.40) and a soda ($.75). All told after tax it came out to exactly eight bucks which isn’t too shabby.

Zaru Soba

This is an awesome, filling and healthy thing to eat. It’s perfect for hot-as-balls weather, too, and here’s why: it’s cold. I think basically they just boil up some noodles and then flash chill them with ice, but what do I know? What I really do know is that the zaru soba at Tokyo Deli tastes exactly like stuff I ate in Matsushima Bay and Tokyo a few years ago. Directions: put wasabi paste in the dipping sauce and stir; take a bunch o’ noodles and put them in the dipping sauce and stir ‘em around a bit; shove that stuff in your face. Awesome.

Seaweed Salad

I love seaweed salad and this place does it right. It tastes awesome and it’s only $1.40! It is a fairly small portion, however. I could eat this stuff until I was super dead.

Diet Mountain Dew Supernova

What the fuck was I thinking? This stuff was really shitty! The only way to get your money’s worth out of this can is to throw it at some fat kid on the side of the road (trust me, its therapeutic).


Go to this place. I’ve been coming here forever and even though the owners have changed, they still sell excellent food that will surely make you a better person and stuff.
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