22 May

Rating: 1 Swimming Pool

I love where Siena is situated. I would have never thought to come here, but my roommate suggested it one night and I was powerless to resist the call of pizza. The really nice part is that it’s only 5 minutes away from the heart of wilmington, and that difference feels like light years. I grew up less than a mile from Siena and anytime I come to the area it just feels like home (shocker!). Granted, when I lived near here there was a stab and grab looking gas station that sold boiled peanuts and possibly illegal guns, but all that is in the past. I rolled into the place, sat at the bar, and ordered up some tasty beers and grub.a

I didn’t see much of the place aside from the bar, but it seemed like a classy joint. Not too classy mind you, but the type of place where upper-middle class couples go to have a few too many glasses of wine and flirt with each other (and the much younger bartenders). I love older people when they get drunk btw. There is nothing funnier than a group of ladies grabbing the asses of and sexually harrassing 20-year-olds young enough to be their sons. All off of their 3 glasses of chardonnay. This brilliantly drunk 40-something sitting next to us at the bar remarked that our pizza made her want to “jump in and swim in it.”  We weren’t talking to her or anything, she just felt compelled to share her wine soaked wisdom with the world. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

Glory be to this pizza. It was soft and crispy in the crust, greasy but not crazy with the cheese, and the sauce was pure magic. With some tomatoes. It was delicious. This pizza makes you realize how sub-par most of the pizza we eat is. This is the kind of pizza that makes you hate dominos for a couple of days, until the memory fades and your fatkid sensibilities take over. I could have eaten this whole pizza by myself, but I left room for beer and let the roommate have some. Grudgingly.

I want to go back and eat this again and again. This was one of the best pizza’s I’ve had in town and at $9 for a large cheese pie on Tuesday’s it’s a steal. And I’d also like to give a big fuck you to pete of ilmza as I move in on his turf. Suck it biiiiitch! I don’t know if I’d try anything else on the menu, but this year when I’m sitting on Santa’s lap, a pizza-filled pool, sponsored by Siena, will be me my request. Random wino lady can come too.
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