Patron XO Cafe / Patron XO Cafe Dark

16 Apr

I’ve long been a fan of Patron XO Cafe. The first time I tried it, a close personal bartender friend of mine recommended it; it was a new drink at the bar. I ordered a shot, fell in love, and have been mixing it into other shots ever since. While Baby Guinness are a tried and true favorite among my friends, my own personal invention is the infamous Drunken Leprechaun. I will warn you that no one besides myself likes this shot, but if you’re feeling frisky one night while out at the bar, give it a whirl! It’s like an Irish coffee made into convenient shot form!

Drunken Leprechaun Shot

Mix equal parts:

Patron XO Cafe
Pinnacle Whipped
Kahlua or Baileys (depending on if I want my coffee dark or light)

Patron XO Cafe (70proof) – There is a lovely coffee-ness to this that isn’t overly sweet or bitter. It weirdly enough mixes very well with a tequila afterburn. I’m not the hugest fan of tequila and I love this so don’t let the “T” word scare you away. It is a very thick liqueur and as such I recommend having a couple at a bar rather than buying a bottle for a night of brand exclusivity. I wouldn’t call it a session booze.

Patron XO Cafe Dark (60proof) – This is the XO I know and love with a dark chocolate slant instead of coffee. The tequila flavor is much more pronounced in this one and while I like it, it’s not as well-loved as the original.

I bet there are some shooters that the Dark would be perfect for, but for most things I would stick to my beloved Patron XO Cafe original.

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