Bdobo Mongolian Grill

27 Feb

Rating: 1 Enlargement Ray

I am a fan of buffets. I am indecisive at best, and any restaurant that affords the luxury of having a bit of everything is one I’m apt to like. I’m sure I’ve been to Bdobo before, but it must have been a long time ago because I have only vague memories of possible liking it. I decided to give it another shot since I’ve recently been on an asian kick. The basic premise for those unaware is  to toss all foods in a bowl, top with whatever sauce(s) you prefer, then let the guy grill it.

Shit’s good. I know to be a decent review I have to be all blah blah blah the atmosphere and blah blah blah the service. But it’s a fucking buffet. You give them your drink order, get some soup, and proceed with the scromming. They have a variety of noodles, meats, veggies and sauces to mix up and create your splendiferous plate with. My first time up I threw more noodles than I should have.

Pro tip: focus more on the meat and veggies than the noodles.

I got some veggies and some shrimp, and I loaded up on the chili oil and Mongolian sauce. Amazing. I googled how to make the chili oil the second I got home. I had no problems with any of the ingredients and liked that they had a “Bdobo for Dummies” type of sign posted in case of emergency idiots.

They also gave us this weird “bread.” It tasted like Regina sesame cookies, but I guess once you start tossing sesame seeds on anything starchy it’s bound to be similar. I liked it. There was a classy gent to my north who hassled the waiter repeatedly for more of “that there bread,” so I’m assuming they give you whatever amount with the meal. And I thought Olive Garden had that shit cornered. Who knew?

In conclusion, shit tastes good. Don’t see how anyone could have a complaint with a place that is exactly what Bdobo is. If something doesn’t taste good, chances are you messed up. Pass go, collect $200, and try again. It’s always a treat to find a cheap, healthy place to eat that is also fun and allows you to experiment with your tastes. I give Bdobo 1 Enlargement Ray, because using that on their shrimp is the only wish I have. Also, here’s the Sweet and Sour soup they gave me. It was weird.

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