Sweet and Savory

23 Jan

Rating: $5.11

I was invited out to a family function at Sweet and Savory. I had a housewarming party the night before but I’m a champ eater when I’m hungover and someone else was paying so I eagerly agreed. I had always assumed all the cars out front were leftovers from Fibber’s Saturday nights, but I quickly learned this was wrong. I’m almost positive every person in Wilmington was crammed into this restaurant. This is normally a good sign so I was pretty stoked to sit down and scrom.

There was a decent wait on our table but no worries, a party of seven is larger and at a place this busy it’s to be expected. After we were seated the waitress came to take our drink orders and informed us that since we had arrived before 11:30 breakfast was still an option. Awesome. After a brief struggle between a burger (with cheddar, onion straws, bacon, and “horsey sauce”) and breakfast, the Super Chicken Biscuit won out and was ordered with a side of hashbrowns. After a short while my plate arrived.

Shit looks good. I know. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. My first issue was the so called hashbrowns. In every place I’ve ever been to these would be referred to as home fries. They were absolutely delicious, and perfectly seasoned. I’m not a picky person, but I could understand someone complaining about the difference in terminology. Not a huge deal, so I moved onto the “super” biscuit which consisted of southern style chicken, eggs, bacon, and provolone.

Should have been called the Suck Biscuit. Holy fuck was it a dissappointment. The chicken was underseasoned and almost tasteless. The eggs were way overdone and dry. On the bright side the bacon was on point, and the biscuit was good. I was severly underwhelmed by the sandwich on whole. They make a point on the menu to take a jab at Chick-fil-A, which is ironic since a fast food biscuit from there would have been 10x better. It’s sad because it takes a concerted effort to fuck up something that’s fried. Cooks have built whole careers on the fact that butter and frying make everything better, and this chicken is still garbage.

exhibit A

Scrambled eggs are yet another thing that are easy to make. I tried to make an argument that I do love runny eggs and it might be a preference thing, but after another bite that went right out the window. Overdone is overdone. I’ve had better eggs from Hardees than this scrambled crapfest. I ended up seperating the sandwich into its individual components to avoid any more of the egg and doused the chicken in hot sauce, though sriracha would have been preferred. Because that shit is the dankness.

I was upset that this first meal was garbage because so many people sing the praises of this place. Maybe this dish isn’t the best, maybe it was someones first day, or maybe this place is completely overrated. If bacon and cheese can’t save your biscuit, there’s a large problem that you need to solve. The two main components of the biscuit were close to offensive. I would like to try more dishes from this place, but at the moment I’m forced to rate it based on the food I was served. And it sucked. On that note, I will rate it $5.11, because that is the amount it would take to get this shit from Chick-fil-A, where it would actually be good with less of a wait. With a savings of 23 cents. Note to owner: hire staff that can cook scrambled eggs, and google seasoning.

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4 Responses to “Sweet and Savory”

  1. Pamela February 5, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    I agree with your review of S&S, I have been a few times and have been underwhelmed each time. People rave about their food and sweet treats but I don’t see it. S&S had opened another place down on Masonboro Sound road a few years ago that was a total waste. It did not last very long.

  2. pete February 9, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

    I like S&S, god damnit.

  3. don stio September 3, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    your a fucking idiot. that biscuit is delicious. fat bitch

    • liquorlunch September 5, 2012 at 9:17 am #

      The biscuit was ok. The under-seasoned chicken and overcooked eggs were more of the issue. And not to be cheap, but “you’re” an idiot. “Your” mom is a fat bitch. Two different words there, see?

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