Catdaddy Moonshine

28 Dec

While visiting with family over the boozemas holidays I made sure to keep an eye on any and all liquor cabinets for new drinks to try and I noticed this immediately upon walking into my mother’s. I am automatically offended by any legally sold spirit that calls itself “moonshine.” If there’s not a good chance of going blind from it, it’s damn sure not moonshine. Most people haven’t even had good moonshine and think all the stuff tastes like Everclear or some similar swill. Newsflash, that is completely not true. Some white lightning does have a very high proof and isn’t as palatable, but just as with regular booze, the quality varies with ingredients, and the process used to make it. So there’s that. On to the hooch!

This stuff was freaking tasty. I was expecting some weird blend of shitty whiskey or possibly a weirdly-flavored vodka, but, at the risk of sounding like a liquorsnob, there was a lot more complexity going on. The closest I’ll come is vanilla spiciness. With some other shit. I have no idea what it was but it was tasty without having the overpowering fake sweetness of other liquors I’ve reviewed that feature vanilla-esque flavors. It was a very pleasant surprise and I’ll overlook the label of “moonshine” on the bottle long enough to recommend trying this out. Also, it will get you inebriated. And isn’t that what boozemas is all about?

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