Ruby Tuesday Pretzel Burger

23 Nov

I recently got an email from Ruby Tuesday¬†offering a free burger and since I’m a cheap hobo I absolutely took them up on that offer. Sure their 20oz Sam Adams got me so warm and fuzzy that I called out of work, but that’s neither here nor there. So here I was, ordering food before noon on a Sunday and counting the minutes until booze-o-clock.

I was forced into ordering the Thai Phoon Shrimp (stop reading it as Poon, brain) since I love this app at both Yosake and Okami. And hated it at Bonefish Grill. After a glass of water the shrimp arrived and looked pretty decent.

RT Thai Phoon Shrimp

Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything. The shrimp were tiny and slightly over cooked, the breading was too think and too salty, and the sauce wasn’t flavorful enough to save them. I would venture to say that with a less salty coating they would have been better because the sweetness of the sauce wouldn’t have been obscured. They were edible and I unknowingly finished about half the order via mindless munching long after I thought I was done.

I’d like to take a moment to mention the service at the bar where we sat was pretty close to perfect. He was there without asking, kept our drinks filled, and was completely unobtrusive. I hate when I go to an establishment with the intention of connecting to the person I came with and the server keeps inserting themselves with awkward conversation in an attempt to get a better tip. Do you know how you get a great tip for me? Keep my drink filled and be ready with the check when I need it.

RT Pretzel Burger

Once the pretzel burger came out it was noon and booze was flowing. They did not have my go-to Yuengling on tap so I opted for the Sam Adams. I haven’t had it in a while and it was a bit hoppier than I remember but obviously a better choice than _____-Lite so I dealt. The pretzel burger itself was interesting. It wasn’t the “medium” that I requested but it was still moist and juicy. The fried jalapenos were coated in chili powder which I liked on the burger but was a bit much on it’s own. My favorite part was probably the burger bun. It managed to be slightly sweet and yeasty which I think is an underused profile in the burger bun pantheon. Something within the burger was too salty, it may have been the outside seasoning of the burger but I’m not 100%.

All in all, I would love the try the pretzel burger again with different toppings. The shrimp app I tried was disappointing but I feel some sort of promise from this place and their attempts to snazz up the menu. I will rate it a GO for effort and outstanding bar tending, but with reservations. PUN!

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