25 Dec

Rating: 3 hours

I went with my roommate to Indochine on a whim. I had been there once before but only had the sushi. It was good but not mind-blowing. After my recent trip to Thai Spice, I was nervously anxious to give Thai food another shot. After finishing shopping, holiday plans, and finding a better apartment, we decided to take a much deserved break during the calm before the Christmas storm. Great plan, right?

We arrive to a completely packed parking lot. Luckily it was only a 15-20 min according to the hostess, so we grabbed the only two empty seats at the bar and ordered some drinks. There’s something to be said for a bar so overflowing with booze that it doesn’t fit on the shelves.

After a 15 minute wait 30+ minute wait, we were seated and started to pour over the menu. Everything looked scary and overwhelming, but my roommate goaded me into ordering something I haven’t tried. So we went for the Steamed Crab and Shrimp Sieu Mai and after a minimal wait the app arrives.

They may not look like much but jesus they were good. The filling was flavorful and moist and after one I almost wanted to change my entree to another 5 orders of these. I never knew I liked dumplings. Which is kind of a theme in this post. I will say the presentation with the leaf on the bottom and in a canister was not needed since the food itself shined, but really who cares? I devoured these as quickly as possible and eagerly awaited my next dish.

Next on my scrom list was this salad. It was good, I had no objections. I’m assuming it was a house salad. Whatever it was called, the weirdo salad deluxe had cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, and various other veggies. Sorry the picture sucks, I was pretty well lit and starving when I took it. Sue me.

The entrees rolled up shortly after that. I took the liberty of ordering the Appetizer Sampler, which consists of 2 cha gio, 1 goi cuon, 2 crab angels, 2 vegetable dumplings, 2 coconut shrimp, 2 gold bags and 2 chicken satay. I loved almost everything on the plate. The thing I was most iffy about beforehand was the coconut shrimp. I have always hated them. Guess I was wrong again. These were everything coconut shrimp should be. The coconut dipping sauce was pitch perfect. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of were the rice wraps on the right. I loved that each dish came with its own delicious dipping sauce, and the best part was trying everything with the dipping sauces they weren’t meant for. I cannot express enough how delicious this sampler was.

My room mate went for the Roasted Duck with Red Curry Sauce. I tried a couple bites, but honestly the pineapple fruitiness of it was a bit much for me. I’m not a huge fan of sweet entrees, savory is more my deal. I can offer that it was delicious if you’re a fan of that sort of flavor, and it looked beyond yummy. I had never tried a curry before, and this rather than scaring me off, makes me really want to try their Jungle curry which seemed to be more along the lines of what I’d want in a curry.

For dessert I went against the server’s heavy-handed recommendation of the coconut cake in favor of the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. It wasn’t the best in the world, but in all fairness the staff warned me. All in all, my feeling on Indochine is very much along the lines of my Crow Hill review; this place makes me want to try new things, and take chances. This is one of my new favorite restaurants, which I’m sure many natives will laugh at me for since it’s long been well known to be tasty. The one complaint a lot of people have is the wait time, but the staff are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and quick with their service. And I’d wait at least 3 hours for a chance to eat here again, so that will be my rating.

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