UV Salty Watermelon

10 Feb

UV Salty Watermelon


It’s been a while since I’ve found a liquor to be excited about that I can actually purchase at our local ABC store. Generally our super fucky system means not everything is orderable or buyable right at release. If it’s a pumpkin flavored vodka, and it’s after Thanksgiving you’re reaaaal fucked. So I wandered up and down the aisles, halfhearted looking for something with real possibility and a cheap price tag. Salted watermelon sounded a little weird but hell at least it was something new. And it was under $15 a bottle. FUCK YES!

Holy fuck, I love this stuff. Sure the salty flavored reminds me of a cheap margarita flavored malt beverage, but the underlying watermelon flavor just works somehow. And while 60 proof isn’t the most potent proof point, it’s respectable enough for a flavored vodka like this. I will guess that some of you may find the salty flavor off-putting, but for the cheap price I think you should take the risk, and CHUG!

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