Hardees Thickburger / Fresh Baked Bun

23 Dec

2013-12-19_11-37-08_760Nice burger! I like the bun. Big upgrade from the old bun, which wasn’t terrible to begin with. Upon opening this beast I was hit with an overwhelming smell of White Castle, for some reason. Buttery buns? I dunno, dawg, but it was good regardless.

As you may know, Hardees has pretty good toppings, as far as fast food joints go. Their lettuce is okay, not Burger King’s rotten shit. Their tomatoes are good, unlike Burger King’s flimsy dicks. Their onions and cheese, both on point. The new component shown here is the bun which is a big upgrade. I loved it. I don’t care what you think. Unless you also like it, that is.

Worst part of the burger is the patty but compared to the rest of the fast food patty population, it’s probably still above average.

2013-12-19_11-37-54_817Not entirely offensive for about $4.50 after tax. Usually I only get these with a coupon, though, due to my Judaism.

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