Pinnacle Pecan Pie

20 Dec

Pinnacle Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie is probably my favorite type of pie. I don’t know if that biased me for or against this flavoring, but it probably had some sort of an effect. I bought this after yet another fruitless trip to the alphabet store to learn that they still don’t have Burnett’s Pumpkin Spice. But if I had known there was a pecan pie flavored vodka, it probably would’ve been even higher on my list.

I think this vodka is drinkable, and even likeable. But it does not taste like pecan pie. Pecan pie has the distinct nuttiness of pecans blended with the beautifully sweet flavors of brown sugar and a hint of vanilla and whiskey. This tasted like goddamn Frangelico. That’s not a bad thing, but pecan pie it ain’t. So I guess if you want a cheaper version of Frangelico this is a good thing, but otherwise don’t get your hopes up. If it’s even cheaper than Frangelico. Has anyone besides a bar actually ever bought that crap? It’ll get a CHUG from me, but barely.

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