Subway Sriracha Steak Melt

4 Nov

I have a somewhat burning hatred of Subway. Their subs are just a couple of slices of overly thick, non-premium cold cuts that come with an entire salad on top to hide this fact and put on (admittedly) delicious-smelling flavored breads. I much prefer see-through thin slices of Boars Head piled high, and so I tend to avoid Subway at any and all costs. That is, until they went and added goddamn sriracha* to their sauce line up. I have stated repeatedly that if you have a sriracha-based menu item I will at least give it the benefit of a doubt. Even if you are Subway.

I am also cheap as hell, so I went to Subway in the morning to get their steak, egg, and cheese breakfast melt made in the same fashion as their featured Sriracha Steak Melt.

They were sadly out of the new garlic bread option they offer, but Italian herb and cheese wasn’t a bad second choice. The singular employee behind the salad bar (Subway counter) was dealing with a morning rush he was clearly not expecting, but handled everyone as efficiently and quickly as could be hoped for. As I was placing my order for the sriracha-style steak melt, he warned me that the sriracha sauce was quite hot. This was a very promising sign. I attempted to stay true to the actual menu item and had the steak, egg, and cheese with pepper jack, jalapenos, red onion, and of course sriracha.

Subway Sriracha Steak Melt

I have to say, Subway has done a damned fine job of imitating sriracha. The bottle is labeled as “Creamy Sriracha” and it does have a milky orange color that implies a creamy element. There is a fair amount of heat, though I would put it a bit short of the real ‘rach heat. With the addition of pepper jack cheese and jalapenos the sandwich as a whole has enough flavor and heat to overcome the shortcomings of an otherwise typical Subway offering.

I’m glad some shitty fast food place has proven what I’ve said all along: “Sriracha makes everything better.” Kind of like a two drink minimum at a comedy club, every place should offer this shit because who the fuck wouldn’t love anything more with the heavenly garlic-y chili goodness that is sriracha on it? Subway has officially made me a customer as long as they keep this sauce on the menu. My only complaint was their lack of mythical garlic bread, which I can’t really fault them for not having less than a half-hour after opening. I will be back, rating this a GO for you guys.

*This blog assumes the reader knows I am referring to the Huy Fong Sriracha sauce and not the type of sauce in general. There can be only one true god.

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