Kyoto Asian Grille

1 Oct

Rating: GO

outside kyoto

I’m pretty sure we arrived before the staff themselves. We walked in to Kyoto and not shockingly to me, no one else seemed to be there. We were told to seat ourselves and promptly did at the nearest booth. As we looked over the menu it struck us that the $4 lunch bowl we had come to sample weren’t mentioned anywhere. After asking our server were were shown the items that feel into that category of special. I got the Thom Yum soup to start with and the honey chicken after my companion ordered the sesame chicken before I could.

Thom YumThe Thom Yum soup was the shit! I was told by the server to be careful of the peppers which of course meant that I had to eat them. They were spicy and flavorful and the soup was fantastically acidic thanks to the lime. I finished the whole bowl and for $3.95 the portion size wasn’t bad.

Chicken shitThe two chicken dishes were also delicious and the chicken itself was perfectly cooked. Not just crispy on the outside but also moist on the inside. The sesame chicken had a hint of smokiness that really took it to another level and my honey chicken which may have been overly sweet on it’s own was the perfect accompaniment to my soup. A squirt of sriracha would have been amazing but that’s probably like asking for ketchup at a steak house in Thai places.

The price on these bowls are a steal and there was at least a second meal from the leftovers. I am obsessed with the soup and can’t wait to go back. Rating this place a cheap GO!

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  1. jay January 17, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

    i keep trying to go there but can’t figure out how their drive-thru window works….

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