Burnett’s Orange Cream

12 Sep

Burnetts Orange Cream


This vodka review came about because our ABC system did not have Burnett’s brand new Pumpkin Spice vodka the day it came out. A fucking travesty. But this looked neat and alcohol filled. God did it deliver. It smells of creamy orange in a way that makes you doubt it’s on sale $7.50 price tag. It can’t possible taste as good as it smells, right?


Fucking wrong. Burnett’s has once again proved that every overpriced flavored vodka brand is exactly that. How this cheap shit can continually hit the mark while others flail is a testament to the bullshit  marketing mark up of the vodka market. *Take a shot for every time I used the word “mark.” The vast majority that taste marginally better in flavor categories do not even touch the difference in percentage between themselves and Burnett’s. This is the pinnacle (slight intended)  of orange cream vodkas and you should go buy me some right now. What to mix with it?  Your vaginal juices if you can’t drink it straight.

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