Burger King Bacon Egg and Gouda Biscuit

3 Apr

Rating: 18 Sheboygans

I have to start this out by commenting on the fact that the girl taking my order asked me what gouda was. I hope it was her first day, as there were other problems with my order that seemed beyond her order taking skills, but she honest to god asked me what gouda was. I told her it was a type of cheese with the straightest face possible, and she ran off to get her manager. It was more comical than anything else, but I do love how I have the most ridiculous experiences when I’m set on doing a review. Anywho.

Bacon Egg and Gouda Biscuit

So this gouda biscuit was pretty tasty. It had an absurd amount of egg on it, but that could be owed to the fact I showed up shortly before the breakfast switched to lunch. The eggs were moist almost to a fault but had appropriate levels of salt and were quite tasty. The bacon was standard fast food bacon though perhaps a bit thicker which was nice. The gouda was very mild in flavor and I probably couldn’t have distinguished it from any other cheese without being told. I wouldn’t count that as a strike against it, more of a plus actually. It didn’t have quite the fake “cheese” flavor their regular american does. The biscuit itself was crumbly to a fault and was difficult to eat due to what I at first thought was the moisture from the eggs. Upon closer examination I noticed little bits of a fresh bright green substance you rarely see in a place like Burger King. It appears they put some type of herb butter on the bottom of the biscuit and bravo, it was delicious. I would prefer it on the top since the moisture from the eggs already lends itself to a crumbling bottom bun (can I use that term for a biscuit?) but it was a very welcome addition.

BK Herb Butter

Would I pick this over their regular Bacon Egg and Cheese? Absolutely. Was the gouda the make or break element? Not really. It didn’t taste very gouda-y at all. I think it is an improvement over their regular cheese though, and the herb butter sent it into a very good new direction. Now if they could come out with a liquor spiked ice coffee I’d eat this shit every day!
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