Fox and Hound

15 Nov

Rating: 1 Arnold

I never really eat at this place. To be honest the most I’ve ever done is have a few pre-movie beers here and complain about the price. I mean 4-5 bucks for a beer is ridiculous in my hobo book. They did participate in Restaurant Week this year so I decided to give them a shot since they are kind of close to my apartment. The deal was an appetizer, two entrees, and two drinks for $30. Not a bad deal at all since their normal drink prices would count for 1/3 of that price. Upon arrival the bartender seemed unsure about Restaurant Week but quickly found someone in the know and presented us with the menu. Also the pictures are shitty but sometimes I don’t feel like holding up a huge sign that says “Idiot Blogger” while eating. Deal with it.

I decided to order the artichoke and spinach dip. I’ve heard the pretzel bites are good but I’m not the biggest fan of soft pretzels so that could fuck right off. I mean a brown bagel with salt? Throw everything on it and then we’ll talk. The order arrived and my first thought was that it seemed small, and missing the salsa which I honestly may have mistakenly remembered as being promised on the menu. Luckily the bowl was deeper than it appeared and there ended up being leftover chips. The chips were ok, I saw no reason for the weirdo red ones though. Not taking off for them, just commenting. My roommate’s comment was along the lines of “oh yeah, I remember eating here now. They have the weird London newspaper looking wax paper.” Fair assessment. I thought it was kinda neato for going with a theme.

The entrees arrived shortly after and man they looked HUGE. I got the grilled salmon with spicy rice and I’ll be damned if I didn’t like it. The salmon was blackened with a cajun seasoning and I appreciated the hell out of that. The spicy rice was actually kinda spicy and I enjoyed the hell out of that too. The chunks of tomato really provided a contrast and I’m a sucker for sliced green onions. Then I took a bite and POW flavor town. I am not the type of person to order a fish and rice entree at most places; I think it’s vulgar to order diet food in public. Look at me eating a light fucking meal and making the rest of you feel fat and guilty for doing what the fuck we came here to do. It’s like going to a bar and ordering a water. Why bother leaving the house? This was no healthy fish dish, this was awesome and flavorful and I couldn’t finish it all in the place.

My roommate got the fish and chips and liked them pretty well. The tartar sauce that they came with was pretty delicious as it had a weird ranchy quality to it. The portion size was also monstrously huge.

All in all it’s hard not to like this place. The prices for the food are fair, the beer prices are awful on any given day but I’m sure they have specials. I can’t find any evidence online but I’m sure they do. I do try to frequent local establishments when I can but I also keep in mind that it is locals that are cooking, working, and serving in chains and sometimes they can make a decent meal. This shit was good and like the rating, I will be back. On a day with drink specials.

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