McDonalds Spicy Chicken McBites

29 Aug

I immediately regretted buying these Spicy Chicken McBites, just like when I bought the non-spicy version in February. It’s kind of a theme with me and the acquisition of McDonalds. I actually do kind of like their $1 breakfast burritos though, in a way. I used to buy one of those and a large black coffee some mornings and I didn’t feel too bad about myself. Well, it felt kind of fishy asking an entirely black staff for black coffee, but only the first time; after that I sort of got a kick out of it because I’m a child.

The Spicy Chicken McBites are basically identical to the non-spicy version except these have a small amount of spiciness. I know, this is a real shocker. Someone call up Fox News.┬áThe ‘spicy’ bites are just as dry and overly-breaded and terrible as the originals. At first the chunks didnt seem too small and crummy but even the larger pieces still had way too much terrible breading in relation to the overcooked, terrible chicken.

A cross-section of the largest piece in the box

The upside is that all of this trash didn’t cost me anything because I had a coupon. The downside is literally everything else.

BRB suicide.

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