Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry

6 Aug

This was also brought this by my roommate, so I guess it really was a message to stop, drop, and review. I know that I’ve had SoCo before, but I was probably really drunk and have no idea what it tastes like. Nonetheless I was excited by this because shits got booze, son.

I threw this back and immediately grinned. It was whiskey with a delicious cherry taste which was exactly like cherry cough syrup. That may sound like a bad thing, but for some reason it’s not. I mean people drink the fuck out of Jager and that shit tastes like liquorice cough syrup and is the most disgusting booze known to man. And I don’t know if I’d want to drink SoCo Cherry all night or anything, but I guess the little kid in me likes the idea of drinking whiskey flavored cherry cough syrup and not getting in trouble. What to mix with this? Cherry Robitussin. Just kidding, I have no fucking clue. I recommend this for simple, straight shots.

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