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Ruby Tuesday Pretzel Burger

23 Nov

I recently got an email from Ruby Tuesday offering a free burger and since I’m a cheap hobo I absolutely took them up on that offer. Sure their 20oz Sam Adams got me so warm and fuzzy that I called out of work, but that’s neither here nor there. So here I was, ordering food before noon on a Sunday and counting the minutes until booze-o-clock.

I was forced into ordering the Thai Phoon Shrimp (stop reading it as Poon, brain) since I love this app at both Yosake and Okami. And hated it at Bonefish Grill. After a glass of water the shrimp arrived and looked pretty decent.

RT Thai Phoon Shrimp

Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything. The shrimp were tiny and slightly over cooked, the breading was too think and too salty, and the sauce wasn’t flavorful enough to save them. I would venture to say that with a less salty coating they would have been better because the sweetness of the sauce wouldn’t have been obscured. They were edible and I unknowingly finished about half the order via mindless munching long after I thought I was done.

I’d like to take a moment to mention the service at the bar where we sat was pretty close to perfect. He was there without asking, kept our drinks filled, and was completely unobtrusive. I hate when I go to an establishment with the intention of connecting to the person I came with and the server keeps inserting themselves with awkward conversation in an attempt to get a better tip. Do you know how you get a great tip for me? Keep my drink filled and be ready with the check when I need it.

RT Pretzel Burger

Once the pretzel burger came out it was noon and booze was flowing. They did not have my go-to Yuengling on tap so I opted for the Sam Adams. I haven’t had it in a while and it was a bit hoppier than I remember but obviously a better choice than _____-Lite so I dealt. The pretzel burger itself was interesting. It wasn’t the “medium” that I requested but it was still moist and juicy. The fried jalapenos were coated in chili powder which I liked on the burger but was a bit much on it’s own. My favorite part was probably the burger bun. It managed to be slightly sweet and yeasty which I think is an underused profile in the burger bun pantheon. Something within the burger was too salty, it may have been the outside seasoning of the burger but I’m not 100%.

All in all, I would love the try the pretzel burger again with different toppings. The shrimp app I tried was disappointing but I feel some sort of promise from this place and their attempts to snazz up the menu. I will rate it a GO for effort and outstanding bar tending, but with reservations. PUN!

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Papa Johns Double Cheeseburger Pizza

17 May


I have to admit, the thought of pickles on pizza intrigued me. Without the pickles I never would’ve been as obsessed with trying this pizza. But it did have pickles so here we are. I even paid almost full price (only 20% off) which annoyed me because Papa Johns is always 50% off. The things I do for pickles.

The “burger” sauce was a lot less overwhelming than I expected it to be. It was well portioned and really worked with the sweet crust Papa Johns uses. The tomatoes were decent and the beef was good… when you could find it. For a pizza called Double Cheeseburger, I would expect to see a lot more meat. They should have called it the double pickle pizza, because holy fuck were there a lot of those. I didn’t take issue with the amount, so much as the overwhelmingness of them. The pickles were thin and floppy. When I tried to bite through one, I more often than not ended up dragging half of the cheese and accompanying toppings with it. They worked, but damn there should have been a better way to put them on there.

All in all, it was worth trying once, and I could see myself ordering it again.

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Taco Bell Breakfast

27 Mar

Lately Taco Bell has been reading my blog and trying to crack me. First with cheap delicious Grillers, now Waffle Tacos. Well Taco Bell, you win. Because this spread for under $8 is a pure win.

Taco Bell Breakfast Spread

I have to admit, I did commit the cardinal sin of the Bell and forgot to ask for sauce. I think a few of these would have benefited from a squirt or two of verde sauce or even hot. Regardless, I ate them for you, and didn’t hate it.


A.M. Crunchwrap Bacon ($2.49): We have a giant hash brown, scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese. I think American cheese would’ve been a better fit, but who am I to judge? It was pretty good; I really liked that the bacon were little pieces distributed throughout. 


Sausage Flatbread Melt ($1.00): This was a little dry, but for $1 it ain’t bad. I feel like they should’ve spiced things up with some grilled peppers and onions but with a little sriracha it was perfectly acceptable.


Waffle Taco Sausage ($1.99): This was the most exciting thing for me in the bag, but I felt it slightly missed it’s mark. The waffle was slightly greasy, which makes me a hypocrite because I couldn’t care less whether a biscuit was greasy. I wasn’t expecting it here though, and it was a little gross. The waffle itself was pretty decent, but I found myself wishing it were slightly sweeter and the sausage was slightly spicier. It was worth trying, and I could see myself getting it again. I just felt this was such a great idea that fell a little flat.


Cinnabon Delights (4 ct $1.59): These things are freaking delicious! The are cinnamon sugar covered dough balls filled with cream cheese laced Cinnabon frosting.

This isn’t my favorite breakfast. If I were driving down the road with my bff, I would stop at Hardees or Bojangles because I’m a biscuit slut. If those weren’t to be found then Chickfila. If my bff who hates biscuits threw a bitch fit, I would probably suggest Taco Bell. There’s definitely more than a pinch of novelty here, but for the most part it works and is edible and even enjoyable.

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Fast Food February – Burger King Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

21 Feb

I feel that I’ve seen this actually marked off my local dollar menu, but when I went in to review some other products there it was. I’m a sucker for spicy chicken sandwiches. I think they are easier to execute that a burger as long as they are actually spicy. Without further ado, I present the BK Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich!

Burger King Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Underwhelming? Maybe. I didn’t realize that the chicken itself wasn’t spicy but rather the Firecracker Sauce they put on it. The sauce had a nice mild heat that the peppery coating of the chicken complemented. Other than that it was just disappointing. I think the problem is a sauce like that need a thicker chicken patty so as to not completely over take it. I found myself wishing for ranch or mayo to balance out the Firecracker sauce. Or cheese maybe? I would order this again, but with a side of ranch sauce. And an order of Satisfries.

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Fast Food February – Burger King Satisfries

18 Feb

Burger King’s value menu used to hold one of my all time favorite fast food burgers – the Whopper Junior. The Whopper Junior still exists, but at a higher price than the $1 it used to cost. I used to get that shit so much the cooks knew me by sight and offered to make me one before the lunch switchover on my birthday one year. Add in a value Icee and for $2 and you’re on your way to a lifetime of having an x in front of your size. I’ve basically stopped going to my local BK now aside from reviews for this blog, but they are also the closest fast food joint to me so they get the honor of being the first of a couple Fast Food February posts.

Note: I ate half of these on the ride home

Note: I ate half of these on the ride home

Ever since the Satisfries came out I have been meaning to try them. They promise 40% less fat and 30% less calories. The value size that I purchased has 190 calories per 89g. Compare this to the value menu versions of McDonald’s (230cal/71g), Wendy’s (220cal/77g), and Sonic (280cal/88g). I suspected the larger fries simply meant you got less fries overall but as you can see it’s a very generous portion size for a value fry and it’s calorie count is well below others with smaller portion sizes. But how do these things taste? I have to say, not awful. The outside was a little less than a freshly fried normal fry but not soggy or off putting either. The inside was soft and fluffy and everything you hope for in a fry. I tasted a weird metallic taste that I generally associate with old oil so I will hope that is a fault of my location and not the fry itself. Once dipped in ketchup it wasn’t noticeable.  These weren’t the best fries I’ve ever tried but they also weren’t even close to the worst. I would get these over other fries, or at the very least eat 30% more without guilt. Kudos on the Satisfries BK.

Fast Food February – Burger King Rodeo Sandwiches

10 Feb

Every time I see these advertised on a Burger King commercial I think, goddamn those might be good! But say you’re down to your last hobo dollar after buying your hobo beer and REALLY need to know which one is better? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. That’s right, I tried both the chicken and the burger rodeo. Because I love you guys and shit.

Rodeo Chicken IMAG1127

The rodeo sandwiches are basically a basic burger and chicken sandwich plus onions rings and barbecue sauce. The burger is the weird fake smoke flavored patty you expect from Burger King, and the chicken was like a big and crispy over-sized chicken nugget. Weird enough, the smokey barbecue sauce almost clashed with the burger and the onion ring wasn’t helping. On the chicken sandwich the sauce lent a much needed smokiness and the onion rings worked better as well. The clear hands down winner was the Rodeo Chicken Sandwich. Save the Burger King burgers for when mayo is involved.